These Apps Are Safe From The CIA

  • No definitive proof CIA has bypassed encryption
  • CIA can bypass security of apps by hacking phone
  • Signal & WhatsApp not found in leaks

A new release from Wikileaks has journalists sifting through the details to bring you the story. The initial reports were not correct that the CIA broke encryption in popular apps. Researchers have had time to look through the information and initial reports were based on assumptions. The good news is there is no mention of Signal or WhatsApp in any of the reported documents. For now, this shows the encryption strength in these apps. The real risk is the installation of key loggers or screen capturing software on a phone. Bypassing encryption would not be necessary to gain access to information if any government agency installed these tools. Business owners should be wary of any links received by email if they do not know the person sending them. Airport and border searches are also areas where someone may try to install monitoring software on your company’s equipment. If you are careful to avoid malware, then the risk of someone intercepting your Signal or WhatsApp conversations are relatively low for now.